OMiT is ISO 9001-2015 Certified (QMS)

Since the inception of OMiT, we have ensured the quality of the training and placement for our students. This certificate demonstrate the ability of OMiT which is been delivering consistently a quality training to meet the requirements of students.

OMT ISO 9001 Certificate

Learn Advanced Digital Marketing course with AI (Artificial Intelligence) with 2024 updates

Online Marketing Institute and Training (OMiT established in 2015) focuses on teaching digital marketing and building the A+ grade players in the industry. The training program we have trains the students theoretical knowledge and practical usage of online marketing applications along with AI tools such as Chat GPT, Bard AI by Google in their day-to-day lives. OMiT is now offering the most advanced digital marketing course with AI in India with the industry standards. 

OMiT’s training program consists of the best curated content on digital marketing courses globally with 2024 updates. We have bundled them into three different structures based on your needs and requirements. We constantly update the material as per the changes in the industry. The course is beneficial for students as well as working individuals who are in the process of learning & upgrading skills to digital marketing.

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    While you’re learning a course with OMiT, you need to ensure you are actively participating in:
    Daily Assignments
    With every offline/online session, we will give out daily assignments to help you remember and retain the knowledge.
    Weekly Test (MCQ)
    We understand how overwhelming it can be to remember details, so we’ve placed a weekly test that will help test your skills.
    Weekly Presentations
    The more we interact and put our point out to the crowd, the more confident we grow. We believe in conducting weekly presentations to brush up on the digital marketing course.
    Group Discussions
    Ideas are generated by brainstorming. For the same, we have introduced the concept of group discussions.

    Digital Marketing Course Certifications

    OMiT Certificate

    An in-house certification from Online Marketing Institute and Training, ISO 9001-2015 Certified (QMS), will be provided to the enrolled students.

    Internship Certificate

    With OMiT certification, you will be eligible to get an internship certificate and will be able to sit for multiple job placements.

    Five Google Certifications

    You are entitled to receive Google Certification by attending their written online exams

    Paid certifications from Hootsuite, Facebook Blueprint

    You will receive certificates from Hootsuite and Facebook if you wish to get paid certifications

    Hubspot certifications

    By clearing the certifications exam and practical exercises, you will receive a globally recognized HubSpot certificate

    SEMrush tool kit certification

    SEMrush tool kit certification will help you give a kick start on your technical knowledge on digital marketing.

    Content marketing certification

    A content marketing certification will help you get placements in top-notch companies as a recognized content writer

    Social media certification

    Opting for a social media certification will help you stand out from the crowd by showcasing your expertise in the online world

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) certification

    With world-renowned SEO certification, you can get a placement at the best companies

    OMiT offers three-course structures to the students who are willing to become the best digital marketers in the industry.

    Learn in Classroom

    Digital marketing is the next phase of advertising that is more advanced than all traditional forms of marketing. Online marketing is where the world is leaning towards, and we are here to teach you how to market yourself in the digital world correctly.

    Learning about how you can use this data-driven technology to understand your audience better is what we want you to learn at OMiT. We also want you to learn from the best, with safety as our first priority.

    A hands-on classroom experience with a clean, safe, and sanitized environment for you. You’ll also get a chance to interact with our digital marketing experts face-to-face, learn about their experiences and the skills that they have acquired over the years, and improve your networking in the process. You’ll also learn how to solve problems and issues that you might come to face during your career as a digital marketer.

    Understanding problems and knowing how to solve them is a crucial skill that you will acquire while you get trained at OMiT.

    Learn Online (Live Sessions)

    During and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of online classes, and they are getting more interactive, easier and safer for the students. Even schools have been accustomed to online courses, and it’s a bridge that has already been built for everyone.

    Learning online with OMiT is interactive and informative at the same time.

    We have a very advanced practical approach towards digital marketing courses, and combine that with our experienced digital marketing experts, you get to experience the best of both worlds online.

    Digital marketing is a skill set that you as a marketer must have to achieve growth and success in any company or business. These days, finding an excellent online learning platform for digital marketing is hard; finding the best is even more challenging. This is why OMiT is here to give you the best digital marketing courses from the comfort and safety of your home with our “learn online” program. We provide live sessions with experts in digital marketing with over 15 years of experience and all the resources you need to become a digital marketer.

    You can now learn, interact, and build your networking in the comfort of your space with OMiT.

    Self-paced Learning

    Time management is a challenge. OMiT understands that better than anyone else. We also understand that digital marketing is a skill set that you need to have for the growth and development of your career, so we want to give you the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere and get certified as an expert digital marketer.

    Our on-demand premium digital marketing courses are available for download anytime, and you can complete this course at your pace.

    Our industry experts bundled these video lessons that are best suited for your career growth. We also provide one-to-one sessions over the weekend during our learning program.

    Providing Industry Demand Courses

    OMiT believes in a more practical approach to digital marketing. Having experts with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, our roots are solid and firm to ensure your growth towards a more fruitful career.

    We are here to serve you with a variety of digital marketing courses, each with its own unique strategies to help you excel in the field of digital marketing.

    We have a wide selection of basic to advanced classes that you can study and implement to become a better digital marketer and stand out from the rest.

    Here’s the course material that we offer to all our students:
    Master the best digital marketing skills and understand the fundamentals of digital marketing with our expert tutors. From making data-driven decisions to advanced analytics training to help you better understand your market. OMiT is here to drive you towards success.
    Become an expert in search engine algorithms, strategies that drive traffic to your website, and the latest keyword optimization skills to help you move forward. Our advanced SEO Course is here to cater to all your needs and help you get that placement.
    From Google Ads’ basic ins and outs to advanced analytical know-how for research and execution with industry-level success rates. An advanced SEM Course with 100% practical approach of our Digital marketing experts. OMiT has got you covered.
    Social media is a fruitful online industry that is continuously growing at a stagnant rate. Mastering social media campaign strategies is a must-have skill for any digital marketer. This is why we’ll teach you an in-depth, practical approach starting from post promotions campaigns to something as complex as conversion-based campaigns with accelerated budgets. We also give you the confidence you need to launch big-budget campaigns with massive data-driven executions that help you understand your audience better. You can learn about all the popular social media handles out there and be ready for all kinds of challenges.
    Google has a variety of products at your disposal to enhance your experience and your user’s experience online. Google products like analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) trackers will help you maneuver your target audience to the landing pages you want them to see and take the actions you want them to take. Our experts at OMiT will show you that knowing how to use Google products is one of the basic building blocks and foundation of a successful digital marketer.
    Discover new ways to market yourself and your product online with our in-depth affiliate marketing course. They are presented by leading affiliate marketers, making thousands of dollars online from affiliate marketing. Learn to harness their strategies and become an industry expert yourself with OMiT.
    Email marketing is one of the most tedious marketing strategies out there, but if done right, the benefits far outweigh the labor-intensive process. OMiT teaches you how to format your emails tailored to your subscribers to take relevant actions that drive more sales and traffic online. Our digital marketing experts will show you how to use email marketing accurately and make the most of your efforts.
    Programmatic advertising is the automation of digital media buying and in a world where automation is rapidly taking over everything. This is also one of the skills that all digital marketers should have in their arsenal. In this course, you’ll know more about how you can target your audience better and get their attention anytime, anywhere with the help of automation and precise tracking mechanisms.

    Digital marketing is the heart of all E-commerce businesses, large or small. Without proper digital marketing strategies, e-commerce has little to no chance of growing in this day and age.

    Which is why understanding the consumer’s behavior on your website and retargeting them with tailored ads will result in success with any e-commerce business. And that is precisely what we are here to teach you at OMiT.

    We help you understand and implement E-com giants like Amazon and Flipkart strategies to skyrocket their business to what they are today. Knowing how to replicate the process will help tap the creative side of your brain and will bring success to your career.

    Content is still the king, and digital marketing is its kingdom. One cannot function without the other, and there is no denying it. Writing content is an art in itself, and writing the best content with the best digital marketing skills in hand will help you generate more success in every digital marketing campaign you publish.
    Our tutors at OMiT will guide you through creating content for both organic and paid advertisements, with both of them having their separate guidelines for success. We teach you the basics of creating search engine-friendly content and content that grasps viewers’ attention to drive traffic for your landing page.

    Design is the language of the eyes, and creating stunning graphics that grab your attention online is a skill set that every digital marketer must-have. We know that content, design, and digital marketing strategies go hand in hand with every successful campaign. At OMiT, we give you the privilege of getting mentored by brilliant designers in digital marketing.

    Hacks are incredible, and sometimes they surprise you with exponential growth and success. Our course is also a growth hack for you and your career. So if you sign up for our course today, our experts will be sure to share their secret strategies and the growth hack techniques of major brands and companies with you.
    Growth hacking allows you to generate new ideas that have never been used in the market before, and ideas like that can get you noticed in a sea full of millions. Growth hacking is the future of digital marketing, and we at OMiT are here to show you that future today.

    Online reputation management plays a huge role whenever an individual wants to establish a persona online. For short, online reputation management, or ORM, is having accurate information and advertising messages about any business or individual. In simple terms, “Online Reputation Management” is there to maintain the trust and loyalty of a person online. And this, too, is an essential skill that you as a digital marketer must have.
    OMiT has experts who have and are still working in multiple online brands to guide you through this process. So sign up today for our online courses and get certified as a skilled digital marketing expert.

    At OMiT, we help students to become the best version of themselves by providing them with study material. Digital Marketing course is a bundle of all the marketing tools and strategies that an individual needs to know to develop and excel in their digital marketing skills. We help you build your digital marketing career by making your base strong in digital marketing skills.

    **We update our course material after every change in Google Algorithm to provide the best and most updated version of the digital marketing career.

    Why Get Certified in Digital Marketing?

    According to the Goldman Sachs report published in 2020, the scope for a digital marketing career will be worth 160 billion dollars by 2025. With the increase in the number of people spending time online, there is no doubt that all forms of traditional marketing will be digitized one day.

    Businesses and even people would instead advertise on Youtube and Tiktok than televisions, because even today, many people have switched from television to their mobile phones. And on top of that, even the best advertising platforms like newspapers have gone digital, and the only way you can advertise on them now is through digital marketing.

    In 2021 an added 30% of the world was connected to the internet, and a considerable portion of businesses have shifted online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The increase in number will only open more doors for people with digital marketing skills. On top of that, the advertising industry in India has grown more than 20% since 2020, and all of them are now in need of digital marketing expertise, so standing out today will help you build a better future tomorrow.

    Marketing is rooted deep into every individual because each and every person is out there making money selling either a product or a service. Learning and keeping your digital marketing skills up to date is a necessary action that every digital marketer should reap. Digital marketing is easy to learn and adapt with outputs that exceed the results of traditional marketing techniques like TV ads, newspaper ads, banner ads, and many more.

    Digital marketing is a tree with many branches, from content to display advertising. We are here to help you cover all aspects of that tree. Once you complete our course and get certified as a seasoned digital marketer, we will also be giving you placement opportunities across reputed companies in India.

    Still not convinced? Well, here’s an open secret: Digital Marketing is now considered one of the highest paying jobs in India, and if you want numbers, here is what it looks.

    1. The average salary for an entry-level digital marketer is ₹5,48,755 per annum.
    2. The average salary for a Senior digital marketer is ₹7,09,800 per annum.
    3. The average salary for a digital marketing manager starts from ₹10,00,000 per annum.

    **Note – Above mentioned salary details are as per industry standard in India. It can vary from company to company & person to person.

    We have already established that digital marketing skill is a must-have for all individuals, no matter the educational background. Here are some of the best reasons to get a digital marketing certification from OMiT, the best institute for digital marketing.

    An impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume

    Having an impressive CV is a powerful combination of academic qualifications and work experience. Adding a digital marketing skill to your CV will help you get job opportunities from the best companies looking for the best talent in India.

    OMiT has one of the best certification programs in India, and you might not get a chance to meet your future employer at first, but your CV will.

    An added course certification is a bonus for those looking to boost their career forward, but what if you are a fresher with only academic qualifications? 

    Well, for you, an added course certification at this point will be the highlight of your CV, and it will make you stand out among others wherever you go. If you are good at what you do, we will help you become the best in your digital marketing career.

    Better Job Opportunities

    Opportunities will always knock on your door, and having a digital marketing certification from OMiT will always help you get those better opportunities.

    It doesn’t matter if you are starting as a fresher or if you are an experienced individual, there is always more to learn, and the world of digital marketing is still growing and constantly evolving. We at OMiT teach you how to choose the best company for your future and how to leverage your knowledge and take your digital marketing career to the next level.

    Our guided course will teach you everything you need to know for a start-up company or a well-established one. We will help you move forward today and tomorrow.


    Promote your career

    You are a product in itself and knowing how to promote yourself in a world full of marketers is an essential skill you need to work on for your digital marketing career. Advancing your career is a process that will not end, and adding a certified digital marketing course to your skills will help you enhance your career and land the best opportunities for you.

    Even experienced digital marketers constantly search for new things to learn and add certifications to their already existing portfolio. We found a lot of digital marketers who are only good in one or a few particular things, but with this course, you’ll be confident in all areas of digital marketing. You will not only learn digital marketing at a surficial level but will gain in-depth knowledge, which will help you promote yourself and your work effectively.

    At OMiT, we ensure that our seasoned experts will guide you through the process and make your transitions easier into new and improved digital marketing strategies. Learning digital marketing skills will always come in handy; we can help you become the best marketer.

    Your road map to success in digital marketing

    OMiT makes it very simple and easy for you to enroll in any one of our digital marketing courses. We do our best to bring quality to all our courses, and our digital marketing courses are bundled in such a way that it makes it easy for you to understand and act upon. We update our course material to make it the best version and to include all the new strategies.

    So how does it work for you? Here’s a road map that will guide you to your digital marketing success:

    Take a sample course

    Don’t take our word for OMiT being the best digital marketing institute out here; take our sample course today and make a wise decision for yourself.

    A sample course is for those who would like to test the waters before diving inside. Our sample courses are very informative and practical, and it nurtures you to understand the world of digital marketing better.

    Once you are satisfied with the sample course, we would like to recommend you to move ahead and book a full-time course depending upon your feasibility.

    Book a course

    OMiT offers a variety of digital marketing courses, and choosing the right one for you, will not be a hassle. We have elaborated our course material which is readily available for you to download and skim through.

    While you can choose more than one course to enroll in, we would recommend tapping into your interest and then deciding on the digital marketing course that is best suited for you.
    If you are still confused, our experts will guide you through the process and give you their input on spending your valuable time and resources.

    Choose your learning mode

    We understand everyone has different preferences while choosing the best mode of learning. There are three different learning modes that cater directly to the needs and convenience of our students.

    You can opt for:

    1. a physical class with our seasoned experts at any of our branches
    2. a live online class with our experts
    3. or simply download our course and learn at your own pace with support for queries during the weekend.

    Enrolling in any learning medium will guarantee you support from our end and constant networking with the industry experts.

    Course completion

    Once you complete our course, you will receive our OMiT Certificate, ISO 9001-2015 Certified (QMS), and a bundle of other digital marketing certifications (on demand) that will help you enhance your CV and further put your knowledge to the test.We believe in supporting all our students once they have completed the digital marketing course; we provide 100% support to all our students after completion as well.

    Get Certified

    A round of applause awaits those who get certified in any one of our digital marketing courses. Our digital marketing certification will be a beacon for your career and help you land more and better opportunities in the near future.

    Adding digital marketing certifications from globally recognized platforms will always help you stand out from the crowd and get you recognized as an expert.


    We provide 100% job placement for our students. Completing the course and getting certified will obviously add weight to your CV but cracking a job interview and getting placement in top-notch companies depends upon your digital marketing skills. We will help you get trained and find a job at the best company.

    Our Student Reviews

    OMiT is and always will be the best digital marketing training center in India, and our glowing reviews show the gist of what we have in store for you. We care for our students even after they are certified, and here’s how they see us:

    Mohan Kumar

    OMIT is the one of the best Digital marketing training institute in Online with good environment. Trainers were very friendly towards students. so, we can rise any queries without any nervous. Also they guide us after completion of our course also. I got placed in a digital marketing agency within 1 month of my course completion.

    Jas Rana

    OMiT is one of the top institutions to learn digital marketing and other components regarding it. The teaching staff is really friendly and supportive throught the course length and even after the course gets complete you can always contact them for any doubts or queries.Education -10/10 Behaviour -10/10


    A good place to learn digital Marketing. Teachers are friendly and good. In my point of view its the best. Even they provide you internship. A good exposure and a good environment to study and work. You can call them anytime and ask related doubt, with a 100% Placements

    Roshita Raaj

    The smartest faculty!! In terms of teaching OMIT really cares if the students have Understood the coursework, the best institution for any person regardless of any age they welcome you with all love and serves great knowledge in and out the technology

    Mohammed Sharuk

    One of the best place to learn Digital marketing. Modules, Sharing mastery and training is exceptional. They are with you in your whole journey, they guide you, they nurture you until you find a job. I recommend all of you to join OMIT.

    Supreeth Potdar

    The trainers are professional and they help you every step of the way until you're satisfied. If you're looking to learn Digital Marketing, this institute should be your obvious choice. Highly Recommended!!

    Our Placement Partners

    We take our courses and promises very seriously, which is why we’ve partnered with the best companies in different sectors around India. The placement partners we have collaborated with are in some of the best and leading industries that focus on making a difference in the digital world and are highly sustainable.


    We believe in investing our 100% efforts and guiding our students towards success in their digital marketing careers. Some of the commonly asked Digital Marketing Questions, OMiT course-related queries, and some of the myth busters in the digital marketing industry are mentioned below.

    Digital marketing certification always adds value to your CV. The best digital marketing certificates are:

    1. Google Certification, which shows your expertise in the digital world. 
    2. Paid certification from Facebook and Hootsuite, which helps you showcase your expertise in the mentioned platforms.
    3. Hubspot certification, a globally recognized certification.

    4. SEMrush certification showcases your expertise in a globally recognized tool.

    5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) certification helps you convince clients of your expertise in SEO

    Since the world is digitizing every day, having digital marketing skills is a must for all individuals. Digital Marketing is a promising career for aspiring individuals looking to stay up with the trend and looking to make active and passive income streams.

    Opting for a digital marketing course at OMiT will help you tap your networking circle and learn digital marketing from industry-leading experts.

    Digital Marketing is a skill. Learning a skill is always optional but not limited by any educational background. You can opt for a digital marketing career after you complete your schooling or during your education. To top it on, digital marketing skills can be acquired at any age.
    We at OMiT have partnered with multiple companies all over India, which will help you get a job in the digital marketing sector. Getting a job at the best company depends upon your digital marketing skill. We will guide you through the process of cracking your job interview at ease. No matter if the course is offline or online, job placements are guaranteed.
    The course structure we have at OMiT helps you build your digital marketing career at a rapid pace. We teach you from essential to advanced digital marketing, which will help you crack a job interview and stand out from the crowd or build your business from scratch. If you are looking for passive income or active income, digital marketing skill is the key to success in this digital world.

    The salary of a digital marketer varies; some of the basic salaries that a digital marketer can expect are:

    • The average salary for an entry-level digital marketer is 5,48,755 per annum.
    • The average salary for a Senior digital marketer is ₹7,09,800 per annum.
    • The average salary for a digital marketing manager starts from ₹10,00,000 per annum.

    **Note – Above mentioned salary details are as per industry standard in India. It can vary from company to company & person to person.

    Digital Marketing helps any small-medium company to transform into a multinational company. Every company is a start-up at some point and the way to rise above and beyond is through digital marketing.

    Therefore, Digital Marketing is for all companies looking to make a difference in the world and get themselves noticed.

    The online world is filled with an audience looking for the right product and service. The audience is broad, but as digital marketers, it is our responsibility to tap into the correct audience and monetize them in a proper way.

    Therefore, Digital Marketing is a combination of strategies that can help you segregate the broad audience and market effectively and efficiently.

    Reviews are always dependent on the customer. We all are aware that reviews can either be good or bad. Converting bad reviews into good is what makes a business successful. Having a bad review helps a company grow and expand into new horizons.

    Therefore, either we can take negative reviews in a positive way and make changes to our company and become better or, we can dwell on it and consider it bad. Negative reviews are not always bad for any business.

    OMiT is ranked as one of the best institutes for online courses. And enrolling in our digital marketing course is a privilege for both parties. From introductory to advanced classes with experts with over 15 years of experience and placement opportunities, OMiT is always here to boost up your career and improve your skills as a digital marketing expert.
    Yes, we have a separate learning mode for individuals who are caught up with busy schedules and are working professionals. Our online downloadable courses cover all digital marketing techniques and strategies and also come with weekend support for queries. We understand the value of your time, and we do our best to present you with the best of both worlds.
    Yes, we do offer backup classes as well as pre-recorded sessions. We do recommend not skipping any classes as the live interaction with our tutors can add high value. In cases where you miss the classes, you can send us a message, and depending upon your availability, a backup class can be arranged.
    We offer job placements to all our students. If you are looking to work with any of our placement partners, we will arrange an interview. 100% job assistance will be provided to all our students after they have completed the digital marketing course at OMiT.
    There is no eligibility requirement for anyone to enroll in any one of our digital marketing courses. We believe that digital marketing is an essential skill that each and every person or industry expert should have. The idea to market yourself or your product is a day in and day out process, and digital marketing being the future of traditional marketing, it is vital for all types of business or service.
    OMiT certification is ISO 9001-2015 Certified (QMS), which means it is an international standard highly dedicated to quality management systems (QMS). The QMS supports the goal of customer satisfaction with respect to organizational efficiency. Yes, OMiT certification will add value to your CV and help you secure a job at the best companies in India.

    10250+ ratings

    Learn Advanced Digital Marketing Course with AI from OMiT

    OMiT brings you the most updated Digital Marketing Course content with 2024
    updates and adding Artificial Intelligence is like cherry on the cake!

    digital marketing course in mysore

    What’s in here for you?

    12 +
    Hours Training
    Years of Training Experience
    10 +

    Digital Marketing Course in Mysore

    OMiT’s ‘out of the box’ training yield students a greater knowledge with hands-on experience learning on Digital Marketing Skills

    Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

    Hand picked Tools, adding the most advanced analytics (Google Analytics 4 /GA 4) for you.

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      Our Placement Partners

      Get Placed within 15 Days from Course Completion*

      OMiT’s most advanced course helps students to get placed within 15 days from course completion based on the mock interviews performance

      OMiT’s Placement Stats:

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      Placement Success Rate


      Why people choose OMiT


      One of the best place to learn Digital marketing. Modules, Sharing mastery and training is exceptional. They are with you in your whole journey, they guide you, they nurture you until you find a job. I recommend all of you to join OMIT.

      Mohammed Sharuk


      OMIT is the one of the best Digital marketing training institute in Online with good environment. Trainers were very friendly towards students. so, we can rise any queries without any nervous. Also they guide us after completion of our course also. I got placed in a digital marketing agency within 1 month of my course completion.

      Mohan Kumar


      The trainers are professional and they help you every step of the way until you're satisfied. If you're looking to learn Digital Marketing, this institute should be your obvious choice.

      Supreeth Potdar


      Asking the right questions will make you better learner & achieve goals
      12+ Certifications you will be earning while you complete the course at OMiT
      The course duration in 3 months, we conduct Monday – Friday sessions with 2 hours/day basis
      At OMiT you can learn Online Live Sessions | Classroom based training | Self-paced Learning