Terms of Use

Welcome to OMiT, you’re reading the terms and conditions of our services provided to students. 


  1. Once you register with OMiT as a student, you’re entitled to use our materials, redocred sessions related to Digital Marketing Course. 
  2. Students can opt-in services to choose individual courses as per their requirement, and fees will be charged as per student choice. 
  3. Students are welcome to use the mentor time to learn the course more effectively. If a student wishes to learn outside of the class, with permission of a mentor student can approach and get guidance on the course offered by OMiT. 
  4. Students can approach their respective counsellor in-order to gain more information on course, course fees, discounts/offers provided by OMiT. 
  5. Students are most welcome to write mail if they wish to escalate any issues related course/training to 
  6. It is very clear to every trainer at OMiT that they need to extend additional support to student if required on the topics offered by OMiT at no extra cost 
  7. Students can avail post training 6 months help from their mentors on the topics, which we call as on the job training. 
  8. Students have to pay the fees in advance as mentioned below: 
    1. 100% fees payment if student can, and get 2000/- cash back 
    2. If a student opts for 2 installments: then 50% at the time of registration & remaining 50% within 35 days from the class starts.
    3. Students have to pay 2000/- extra in addition to the fees if they opt in for instalment. 
    4. Students also can request for a zero cost EMI option if needed. 
  9. The fees of the course is decided by the management of OMiT, hence there might be fees variation occurring from time to time as the business is considered session based.