Refund Policy

We have defined the refund policy as mentioned below:

  1. OMiT is not liable to refund fees at any given circumstances except placement fees if in case OMiT doesn’t provide placement for students 
  2. The course fees is paid by students is treated as non-refundable
  3. Once the fees are paid, even if a student doesn’t attend a single class, then OMiT can not refund whatever the fees have been paid. 
  4. OMiT treats the services into two parts. One is training on the digital marketing course, and the other one is placement services. OMiT will be charging separately for the placements. 
  5. One of the best things that OMiT can do is, the dropped out student can always refer to another student, and then OMiT can think of refunding the fees to one who has referred. Having said the above lines, again it is applicable if the dropped student has not attended any session. If he/she has attended a session and then asks for a refund then OMiT shall not entertain such things.