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Hire Digital Marketing Candidates from OMiT

Is your organisation in requirement of Hiring Certified and Digital Marketing course completed candidates or even looking to hire experienced candidates? Then you’re at the right place.

  • OMiT is one of the most reputed institute from Bangalore and has been placing its students in top firms
  • OMiT’s training faculty are the key point for our students success
  • OMiT provides comprehensive and hands on experience to students which helps to fill the gap for technical skills that companies look forward to hire
  • It is a Zero cost for any company who hire from OMiT, we just want our students to work in the best companies.
  • Companies will have extended support on hiring of OMiT’s students
  • OMiT has an Alumni where we can source an experienced candidates as well for your requirements.
  • OMiT HR is extended support at documenting of candidates and previous background checks as well.

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Our Placement Partners

We take our courses and promises very seriously, which is why we’ve partnered with the best companies in different sectors around India. The placement partners we have collaborated with are in some of the best and leading industries that focus on making a difference in the digital world and are highly sustainable.