Online Digital Marketing Course

We understand how the pandemic has taken a toll on our day-to-day routine. Considering how valuable knowledge is, we at Online Marketing Institute and Training (OMiT) have decided to launch online digital marketing courses for all marketing enthusiasts. We believe in delivering the best quality service through our online classroom training. Once you enroll for our digital marketing course with placement online, we ensure live and interactive sessions with the industry experts by maintaining the quality of hands-on classroom training
To make the concept of online classes most interactive and exciting, we will be conducting continuous brainstorming sessions and weekly knowledge testing sessions in our digital marketing courses online. We will set aside 15 mins every day for a question/answer round where you can ask or share anything you wish.
Our online course curriculum is derived in the simplest form and will teach you the ins and outs of digital marketing. The course will further help you tap your creative side, understand your audience better, and make data-driven decisions.

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    Our Live Digital Marketing Course Online consists of

    Advanced Digital Marketing Online Course

    What does an advanced digital marketing online course mean?
    In our advanced digital marketing course, we teach you the foundations, core concepts, and digital marketing strategies. At OMiT, we have it all covered for you, from basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to advanced tracking tools and mechanisms you need to be aware of in this digital age.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    If the content is king, then digital marketing is its kingdom, and we can help you build your kingdom here with the power of content and digital marketing together. We believe in a more practical approach to learning digital marketing. At OMiT, you can expect nothing but the best from our detailed online classes with Q&A sessions during the weekend.

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    How important is it to take Digital marketing courses online?
    Digital marketing is not just about knowing what Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are, so we have experts from the best companies in India who help you show the bigger picture. To offer you new and improved ways to promote your product or service online through paid advertising and organic marketing. We also cover all the levels of social media marketing and promotions. We show you strategies that work for multinational companies, and we guide you through implementing those strategies for your business or a client. 

    Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Course

    What does the advanced search engine optimization (SEO) online course mean?
    In our advanced search engine optimization course, we cover the basics of organically ranking your website on the first page of Google. We teach you how to use different SEO strategies for various industries and get the best possible results. Further, our online digital marketing courses will help you stay up with the industry trends and teach you how to distinguish yourself from the pool full of people claiming to be SEO experts. Our industry experts will show you tips and tricks that have been working for ages and teach you how to succeed as a digital marketer.

    Why should you take a digital marketing course online at OMiT?
    Here at OMiT, we cover all topics under the SEO umbrella. We teach you how to optimize your website, the content in the website, and how you can conduct keywords research that helps you improve your ranking on Google and other major search engines. We also bring a practical approach towards creating an online presence on search engines and maintaining that presence. We cover local, national and international SEO strategies that will prepare you for any upcoming challenges in your career.

    How important is it to take digital marketing courses online?
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a concept working for ages for everyone looking to improve their presence online organically. Knowing how to work on SEO is an essential skill set for anyone looking to build a career in digital marketing. Conducting a proper SEO strategy requires knowledge of various tools and websites. Here at OMiT, we give you extensive online tutorials on how those tools and websites can benefit your SEO strategy.

    Advanced Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Online Course

    What does an advanced search engine marketing online course mean?
    Your advertising campaigns must consist of great messaging, value-based creatives, and good quality scores to stand out from all your competitors. Know about retargeting, remarketing, and geotargeting sessions that will help you target your audience more accurately through our advanced search engine marketing course.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    Here at OMiT, we cover all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We will guide you through the process of understanding your content and your competitors’ content so that you can take the necessary actions that can help optimize your advertising campaigns better.

    Our instructors at OMiT will show you the best ways to run paid search and display campaigns on Adwords and the fundamentals of online advertising. At OMiT, we will help you get the most out of your Ad campaign budget and help you build strategies that ensure the best results at the lowest costs. Launching a campaign is not the end; we help you with future optimization of your advertising campaigns.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?
    Search Engine Marketing strategies are best derived when you launch your ad campaign and optimize them for better results. Our comprehensive and practical approach towards search engine marketing will give you all the ideas to launch an advertising campaign.
    Our online classes will teach you the same and help you understand how you can advertise on the web with the help of the best search engine marketing strategies that will benefit you and your clients.

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    Advanced Social Media Online Course

    What does an advanced social media online course mean?
    Everyone is aware of different social media platforms, and all know how to use them, but understanding social media advertising campaigns, your audience network, and human behavior through social media campaigns is another world of its own. In the advanced social media course, we will teach you how to build your online presence on social media platforms with ease and how to get the most out of your organic and paid campaigns.

    Why should you take a digital marketing course online at OMiT?
    Here at OMiT, we show and teach you the basics and advanced levels of all relevant social media platforms.

    From knowing how to create engaging user content to promoting those various contents online, we help you build your ladder of success. Our industry expert tutors are pros at launching social media campaigns and are here to show you different strategies to optimize your budget and your campaign performance.

    How important is it to take digital marketing training online?

    Social media has and always will be a viral phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok; social media has always served the most converting audience throughout the history of digital marketing. Knowing how to market yourself and your product or service through social media is what we will teach you in the social media online course.

    Google Products Online Course

    What does the Google products online course mean?
    Digital marketing works best when we know what is happening in the digital world. Google has offered multiple products/tools that help marketers do competitor analysis, see industry trends, finalize high-performing keywords, and even launch an ad campaign. The google product course will cover all the tools free or paid that you as an emerging digital marketer must know.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    Our online digital marketing course with industry experts covers basic and advanced product introduction and implementation. You can learn and get a good grip of tools and know-how quickly. Some of Google’s free tools are analytics, keyword planner, and AdWords. Google offers many free tools and programs that will help you in your career, and we are here to build your foundation on all the available resources.

    Google Products Online

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    Google products help you work and organize the digital side of things effectively and efficiently. At OMiT, we introduce all the essential Google products that help you become a better digital marketer. From paid tools to free ones, we cover every front of google products that will help you cater to your clients’ needs.

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    Affiliate Marketing Online Course

    What does an affiliate marketing online course mean?
    The digital world is growing, and numerous products/services are popping up in the market every day. Generating active income through digital marketing is not the only way now; through affiliate marketing (also known as network marketing), you can generate passive income by marketing someone else’s product/service and getting a commission on each sale. OMiT’s affiliate marketing course will teach you how you can select the right product to market and earn passive income by marketing it effectively.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    Affiliate marketing is a new and improved version of networking. If done right, affiliate marketing has a vast potential for generating passive income and building a strong network.

    At OMiT, we show you ways to identify niche products and services, promote them online through unique digital marketing strategies and make a smooth inflow of passive income.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    Affiliate marketing also requires knowledge of various tools that are readily available online, and it involves knowledge regarding human behavior and the product market. Through our online digital marketing courses, you can acquire this knowledge in just a matter of days. Knowing how to become the best digital marketer requires knowledge about all the fronts of marketing.

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    Email Marketing Online Course

    What does an email marketing online course mean?
    Email marketing is one of the best cost-effective lead generation strategies, considering the emails landed in the inbox. The email marketing online course will teach you the importance of content in an email template’s subject line and body. The course will contain all the tools you can use to send bulk emails or personalized emails.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    Our seasoned experts will show you ways to make your email recipients view your email and get intrigued to click on it by creating engaging titles and actionable content. We offer you ways to generate email leads and use those leads to benefit your email marketing campaign.

    Our course will help you understand what kind of emails work and what doesn’t through various tools and testing mechanisms.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    Email marketing requires dedication and proper strategy building. There is no point in drafting a unique and value-based email template if the emails are not landing in the inbox and reaching your customer base. Taking an email marketing course will teach you all the basics and the advanced digital marketing strategies you need to run a successful email campaign.

    Programmatic Advertising Online Course

    What does a programmatic advertising online course mean?
    The world is automating, and so is the digital world. Automation in the digital world means replacing manual labor through artificial intelligence. Programmatic advertising online course will cover all the necessary automation tools and technologies used to cater to your business and your client’s business for marketing.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    We know and understand that automation is inevitable. The world of digital marketing also offers many automation tools and technologies and giving you an in-depth knowledge of these tools is what you can learn at OMiT. This course teaches you how media buying works and the tools you can use to automate your campaigns.

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    There are various ways and methods for you to take advantage of this strategy, and here at OMiT, our seasoned tutors will show you a practical approach to those methods.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    Automation doesn’t mean adding a database to a system and leaving it there; an effective automation strategy requires constant changes and monitoring. We will show you how important it is to build and use customer relationship management software and get ahead with all the automation tools in the course.

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    E-commerce Specialist Online Course

    What does an e-commerce specialist online course mean?
    The e-commerce specialist online course covers all the bases of being a part of the e-commerce world and generating revenue by showcasing your product on multiple websites. The course will help you get a good grip of e-commerce tools and platforms that have been in the market since the birth of e-commerce and, lastly, help you stand out from your competitors.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    At OMiT, we teach you how to analyze your competition, take necessary actions and strategies that help you overcome that competition, and succeed through the help of digital marketing.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?
    Giant companies like Amazon and Alibaba undoubtedly dominate the world of E-commerce. But there are constantly emerging companies ready to take a slice of that enormous pie. E-commerce is a necessary tool through which you and I can have a better quality of life.
    Knowing how to handle almost all aspects of launching an E-commerce business through digital marketing channels is what we do.

    Content Writing Online Course

    What does a content writing online course mean?
    Creative writing and content writing are different aspects of drafting content. The online world is filled with value-based content, and this is where we come in. Our content writing online course covers different types of writing involved for different marketing strategies, like, website writing, blogs and articles, advertisement content, and so on.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    Here at OMiT, we give you a practical approach to content creation and implementation through our online digital marketing courses. From writing content that grabs attention in just a few words to the descriptive and informative content for the audience. The course offers templates and easy-to-remember content writing strategies to help you become the best in the market.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?
    Content is the key through which your target audience recognizes your idea and decides to engage with you. Content writing is an essential skill that every digital marketer must possess to succeed.

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    Graphic Design Online Course

    What does a graphic design online course mean?
    The graphic design online course covers the creation of highly engaging and converting creative/design for your business. Gone are the days when digital marketers had to wait for graphic designs for a week before launching a marketing campaign. The course will familiarise you with numerous tools that can be used to make the creatives that you desire.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    We teach you all the building blocks of creating something from scratch to reach your target audience better.

    Design is often considered the language of the eyes, and it is the eyes of your audience that will take the input of your message. We also teach you how to coordinate with a designer or a design team to get the best results in a similar fashion.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    In digital marketing, design is what attracts your audience to your destination. The design portrays your language and message in exciting ways, and using that to your benefit is a skill set that every digital marketer must have.

    Growth Hacking Online Course

    What does a growth hacking online course mean?
    Growth hacking (growth marketing) means tips and tricks that can help you optimize your digital marketing campaigns. Whether organic or paid marketing strategies, our course covers all the best tips and tricks that our seasoned digital marketers have used in their careers.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    At OMiT, we show you ways to optimize your marketing budget and scale your campaigns to the next level. We provide students with industry-specific tips and growth hacking tools that help in the optimization of digital campaigns and give out the best results for the labor.

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    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    To gain exposure, build a strong client base, and get recurring client growth, hacking is the key. In every business, there is a point where you’ve catered to your audience, and then comes a time where you need to expand your horizon and let the customers come to you; this is where growth hacking strategies come to play.

    Online Reputation Management Course

    Online Reputation Management Course (Online Classes)

    What does an online reputation management course mean?
    The online reputation management course covers all the strategies you can use to keep your company’s reputation at its peak. Managing your online reputation means tackling all the negative reviews that can hamper your brand image and cost you, new customers. The course will teach you how to convert negative reviews into positive ones and turn them into your clients.

    Why should you take digital marketing training online at OMiT?
    Our experts have experience in multiple multinational companies, and they have been managing the online reputation for the same. At OMiT, we will show you how to distinguish between a genuine review and a fake one; we will show you how to tackle the negative reviews with politeness and make the best of every review.

    How important is it to take a digital marketing course online?

    All businesses, individuals, or entities that revolve around the online space need to manage their reputation with customers. Having a bad review on the web can hamper your reputation in the physical world. There are different ways to tackle such reviews and comments, but being polite and informative always seems to do the job. It is very evident that you cannot satisfy everyone, and there will be times when you are met with circumstances like this, so the best way to approach them is by being humble. Taking this course will show you different approaches that you can take to tackle a negative review.